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Join the Light Collaboration Network in Copenhagen at Light Symposium 2022 and network with professionals from across the disciplines of light.

Join us for cross-disciplinary inspiration

The 8th edition of Light Symposium (LS2022) is taking place on 21 to 23 September in Copenhagen, organised by Aalborg University.

The Light Collaboration Network (LCN) is looking forward to hosting the sessions outlined below and engaging in some enriching and educational cross-disciplinary discussion.

21 September- LCN Table Discussion

On the Wednesday we will host a session based our recent Research Get Together . We encourage delegates to attend and discuss a selection of contemporary issues within light and lighting.

If you are attending LS2022, or even if you not, we would like to have your input.

Which of the following topic headings should we select to discuss?

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22 and 23 September – Light Lunch Live

On Thursday and Friday, LCN will be hosting Light Lunch Live – an opportunity to meet and network in an informal setting. This builds on the success of the recent virtual Light Lunch events and we very much look forward to making new connections as well as seeing old friends again face to face.

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