We are a new network which has developed out of a common desire to provide opportunities for communication involving a wide audience, educational exchange and research-industry collaboration on light-related topics.

The impact

The reason for this network is clear: we all play an active role in research with light-related topics and together we become better in taking advantage of understanding relationships with light. We approach light matters from multiple dimensions and our results will arrive from an in-depth analysis. We are rooted in different disciplines and eagerly cross boundaries between architecture, lighting design, optometry, physics and biology. Our research will have a deeper scope.

The challenges

New discoveries in light research, in the art of pigments and surprises in biology on how life has been harnessing light, show the potential of light as a tool. But it is a challenge for R&D in architecture, engineering and design to know what to do with the rapid growth in knowledge.

Synergies through collaborative efforts across fields is the only way forward and new forms of educating the next generation is crucial for future built environments, urban landscaping and using natural light as a renewable resource.

On our way …

We think of the Light Collaboration Network as an enrichment through learning from mentors, applying new knowledge by combining elements in theories, methods and concepts and by taking a science-based approach in practice on what works and what doesn’t.

We share latest news in discovery research from our respective fields and bundle research/ education/ dissemination activities to inspire, engage and develop a mutual understanding to convey the knowledge in an effective manner.

How you can participate

We welcome stories about experiences with light, seasonal wellbeing and mental health in the context of the environment. And we encourage employers who want to make a difference for their staff, students, patients, communities, parks, wild and domestic animals to work with researchers to build new evidence.

In this way, individuals and businesses could accelerate knowledge in what kind of light works for whom and in what context. Feel free to get in touch with your idea or project that you think could be important to discuss.