Ljuskultur 8: LCN session at Light Symposium

Light Symposium 2022 was held at Aalborg University in Copenhagen, with the subtitle "Re-thinking lighting design in a sustainable future".

The Light Collaboration Network contributed to Light Symposium 2023 with a programme item during the first day, inviting delegates to discussions on three selected themes. The topics of discussion had been voted on via lightcollaboration.net in advance based on the question “What’s your favorite topic?”. The following three topics had became most popular:

  • Light and Sustainability
  • Light and Health
  • Light and Spaces

The session consisted of three discussion groups, each group moderated by a member of the LCN committee. The group discussions lasted 45 minutes, and the session ended with a 15-minute discussion where all participants shared what had been talked about at their particular table.

A total of 23 people participated, with widely different backgrounds and from different parts of the world, all of course with some connection to light and lighting. Among them were lighting design students, graduate students, scientists, engineers and representatives from industry. The discussions were based on current and future challenges in each subject.

Naturally, much of the discussion around sustainability – the main theme of the Light Symposium. There was talk about the efficiency and control of light – for example, in terms of the appropriate spectrum and level for different animal species, about longevity and reuse of products, about circadian rhythm, human behaviour and the recoil effect. The energy crisis was discussed and about whether saving lighting is really an effective measure. The question was posed: Do you really save energy by cancelling a public light event? If 10,000 people attend a festival, that’s 10,000 people who don’t use electricity at home.

Exactly what all the discussions came up with is really secondary. The purpose of the session was networking, people meeting, asking questions and sharing thoughts, not the discussion results themselves. But one experience from the session was that there is a great demand for expertise in light and lighting and it’s there that the Light Collaboration Network can play an important role.

What’s your favourite topic? Get in touch with tips or topics for the Light Collaboration Network to discuss at future events.

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