Katharina Wulff is interviewed by TV4

Light Collaboration Network featured on Sweden’s TV4

Light Collaboration Network Committee Members were interviewed by Sweden's TV4 news about research into how light affects the human body.

Sweden’s TV4 News visited the Photon Space in Granö Beckasin

Members of the Light Collaboration Network committee were interviewed recently on their visit to Granö Beckasin, outsite Umeå.

The article includes a video showing the Photon Space and interviews with Light Collaboration Network committee members (in Swedish and English).

The Swedish text translates to English as:

New Research on Light’s Importance for Humans

“An interdisciplinary research project is currently underway in Granö in Västerbotten. With the help of a ‘Photon Space’ that allows all the light in all day and night, the researchers will find out more about how natural light affects us and controls our biological clock.

“We measure what the eye reacts to”, says Katharina Wulff, professor of biology at Umeå University.

The research team consists of a biologist, a physicist and an architect who study how we are affected by different or very natural light in different seasons. The researchers themselves have had the chance to live in the “light room” throughout their visit to Umeå.

Among other things, the researchers hope to be able to provide new answers to how light, melatonin levels, anxiety and sleep problems are connected.”

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