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Review: Light and Lighting, Research and Networking Conference, Lund April 2023

The goal of the event was to bring together academics researching light and lighting from different disciplines as well as professionals working within industry, design and standards setting

The Light Collaboration Network (LCN) organised a two-day conference which took place at the Department of Design Sciences at Lund University.  The goal of the event was to bring together academics researching light and lighting from different disciplines as well as professionals working within industry, design and standards setting.  The aim was to educate, consolidate existing links and to foster new collaboration opportunities.

Over the two days 23 research topics were presented and there was time was given over to discussion on various topics provoked by the presentations. Our presenters were from mainly from Swedish and Danish institutions and we were delighted also to welcome Karin Smolders from Eindhoven University of Technology. Karin introduced to her work on LIGHTCAP, a research project being carried out at institutions across Europe with funding from the EU under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions framework. LIGHTCAP is studying the complex relationships between light, perception, attention and cognition.

During the conference, participants were encouraged to take their fika breaks outside to enjoy the spring daylight while getting to know each other and time was also given over to group and panel discussions. Finally, there was a tour of the light research facilities at the University to round off a successful conference.

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Presentations – 17 April

Johannes Lindén, LCN, Lund University

Hillevi Hemphälä, LCN, Lund University

Myriam Aries, LCN, Jönköping Tekniska Högskola

Ute Besenecker, LCN, KTH

Katharina Wulff, LCN, Umeå University

Maria Johansson, Environmental Psychology, Lund University

Outdoor lighting for people’s everyday life

Johanna Enger, Konstfack, Stockholm

In search of the language of light and shadows

Agnieszka Czachura, Energy and Building Design, Lund University

Solar access in cities – performance indicators for early design stage

Ratna Sithravel, Jönköping Tekniska Högskola

Did the radar sensor detect the imitated human breathing? A potential short-range presence-sensing for optimizing lighting in homes

Stavroula Angelaki, KTH 
Lighting in Educational Spaces: A Relationship between Lighting Architecture and Pedagogy 

Kiran Maini Gerhardsson, Environmental Psychology and Applied Gerontology, Lund University

Ljus, aktivitet och sömn i min vardag: En pilotstudie för att avgöra användbarhet och möjlighet att genomföra en Internetbaserad kurs för äldre

Jessika Luth Richter, International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics (IIIEE), Lund University

Lighting products and sustainability: a life cycle perspective

Hillevi Hemphälä, Visual Ergonomics, Lund University

VERAM – A method for measuring the risks in the visual environment

Peter Bennich, Swedish Energy Agency, Stockholm

Phasing out fluorescent tubes – and then? About upcoming revision of ecodesign in lighting

  • Panel Discussion:Moderator: Johan Röklander, Jönköping Tekniska Högskola

Presentations – 18 April

Marie-Claude Dubois, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), Alnarp

Light for plants, animals and humans: (what we know and where we could contribute as lighting specialists)

Karin Smolders, Eindhoven University of Technology

LightCAP: The impact of light on cognition, attention and performance

Tommy Govén, Chair of the Swedish National Committee of CIE

Short presentation of CIE – a global organisation within fundamental research & standardisation in Light and Lighting

Zeynep Ekim, Environmental Psychology, Lund University

Subjective experience of discomfort glare from LED lighting systems

Johan Eklöf, Bat Researcher & Writer

How bats are affected by light

Bodil Karlsson, RISE

The Person Oriented Light approach – A way to address emotions associated with the illumination applied in an open plan office environment

Johan Rahm, Environmental Psychology, Lund University

Methods for assessing outdoor lighting in the field

Carsten Dam-Hansen, DTU Electro, Technical University of Denmark (DTU)

Specifications of LED lamps and luminaires under dimming and colour tuning

Mandana Sarey Khanie, Indoor Environments, Technical University of Denmark (DTU)

Visual and non-visual potential of Indoor Environment from a human-centric perspective

14:00 Round Table Discussion

  • Moderator: Henrik Clausen, Fagerhult

The following laboratories at LTH associated with light and lighting applications were visited as part of a tour which finished off the day:

  • The Lighting Lab at Design Sciences 
  • Virtual Reality Lab at Design Sciences 
  • Solar Lab at A-building 
  • Energy and Building Design Full Scale Lab 
Lund Department of Design Sciences
The conference took place at the Department of Design Sciences, Lund University. Photos: Erik Andersson